Super Scorepad

Super Scorepad
Super Scorepad Lite

created by Wolin Labs


  • To add/subtract at the end of a running score: Tap anywhere in a column. The selected column turns yellow, then press the + button to add or subtract at the end of the tally. Double tapping anywhere in the column does the same thing.
  • To correct a previous entry: Tap the number. It turns orange (and the column turns yellow.) Press the Edit button to Modify the entry, Delete it, or Insert a new entry at that point.
  • The Actions button allows you to:
    • Create new scorepads
    • Add players to the current scorepad
    • Recall a saved scorepad
    • Delete old scorepads


  • The + and Edit buttons are disabled unless something is selected that you can use them on. Selected columns are yellow, individual cells turn orange.
  • Scorepads are saved automatically. When you exit the app and start it again later, the current scorepad reloads automatically.
  • When you name a new scorepad, the date and time are automatically attached to the name for convenience.