* Noticed a review that one user couldn't get app to run on iPad2. Recompiled existing code with newest XCode 4 and SDK, hopefully that fixes the problem. If not, please email support and we will try to help you... posting bad reviews is NOT how you get something fixed, we don't check the review page often.

* Fixed iOS 4.3.2 specific bug which caused image picker to disappear/roll up when trying to add new images to gallery.

* Fixed obscure OpenGL bug which would occasionally cause fatal error when returning from gallery

* Fixed gallery to allow changing existing images when the gallery is full. (Previously this caused app to assert/crash.)
* Add error detection/recovery when user attempts to add a bad image file to gallery.

* Make Change Cube Side button not come up in controls if no cube side is tapped/selected (this might have caused program to crash) Need to double tap on a cube side to Change Cube Side

* Cleaned up gesture detection
* Enabled iOS4 suspend/resume
* Added About box with version

Version 1.21
* Fixed bug which could cause the app to crash after dismissing Image Gallery, if the cube was rotating when app started.
* Various other stability enhancements
* Added crash debug message display to aid response to future bug reports which provides crash details and asks user to notify Mystic Software via email