Cricket Scorepad

Cricket Scorepad

another product from Wolin Labs


Score the popular darts game of Cricket using simple and intuitive taps. Quickly save and recall multiple matches.

  • To score a player's darts: Tap left or right of center to select a player and the player's name highlights. Tap directly on a number to score a dart (i.e for a double 19, tap the 19 twice, etc.) The score changes as a dart sound plays.

  • You can also enter a score by tapping directly on the column the slash/x/circle images appear in. Entering scores this way ignores the currently active player and switches the active player to the column you tapped.

  • Correcting mistakes: Tap the wrong number? No problem, just hit the Undo button. The last number tapped will flash, the last tap is undone, and the dart sound plays. The player highlight changes to whoever threw the dart just before the undo.

  • The Menu button allows you to:
    • Create new scorepads
    • Load a saved scorepad
    • Delete old scorepads


  • To undo all the darts a player threw in the last turn, tap Undo until the player highlight moves to the other side.
  • Scorepads are saved automatically, whenever you exit the app, or create a new scorepad.
  • When you restart the app later, the last scorepad reloads automatically.
  • When you create a new scorepad, the date and time are automatically attached to the name for convenience.


  • Play sound for score entry decides if a dart sounds plays whenever you enter a new score value. Enabling this is a keyboard click to provide auditory feedback when entering scores.
  • Play sound for player change to control if a sounds plays whenever you change the active player by tapping a name at the top of the scorepad.
  • Allow taps on slash column determines whether you can enter scores by tapping directly on the columns where the slash/x/circle appears.