Cricket Scorepad

Cricket Scorepad

another product from Wolin Labs

Score the popular darts game of Cricket using simple and intuitive taps. Quickly save and recall multiple matches.

To score a player's darts, simply tap on the player's initials then tap directly on a number to score a dart (i.e for a double 19, tap the 19 twice, etc.)

OR tap directly on the slash, x or circle under the player's name and the score is entered for that player

Tap the wrong number? No problem, just hit the Undo button as many times as you need to.

Scorepads are saved automatically when you exit the app, or create a new scorepad. When you restart the app later, the last scorepad reloads automatically.

Cricket Scorepad Lite (Android) is a free full-featured, ad supported, version of Cricket Scorepad. Try if first, then if you like it, buy it for the low, low price.

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